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What and who is Sendium?

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So who and what is Sendium? We're here to help you easily send digital communications to nearly any device. We can help you send Push, SMS and email messages

More than just simply sending, Sendium can help you group and organize devices and users or contacts, allowing you to target several devices at once with easy to use API calls.

We are developers. We want development to be easy. Sendium has easy to use API's and dashboards to help you intergrate with ease.


We have gone the extra mile to build a platform that is capable of using cloud computing to send millions of messages every minute.

This gives our platform the ability to quickly target and send messages to several devices at once with our easy to use APIs

Target multiple platforms

Sendium can target many different platforms, seperatly, or all together. Our platform gives you the flexability you need with easy APIs accross all platforms.

Supporting Windows based devices, such as Windows 10, and Xbox One, as well as Android phones and tablet, iOS Phones and tablet, and any connected device that can receive SMS or email

Tag and Group contacts and devices

With tagging and grouping, you can organize your devices so you can eaisly target them later.

For example, let's say you run a sports update app. Each user who subscribes to updates can be given a tag for the team or the sport they are interested in. Then, when a team scores, you can simply send a message to all devices with said team tag. Sendium will find all the devices with that tag and send your message to them with one simple API call.

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Standard REST based APIs ensure all platforms can quickly intergrate and develop amazing apps and websites.


Simple broadcast system allows you to send millions of messages at once to a select group of apps or users


All of Sendium's services and APIs are using OAUTH 2.0 for authorization allowing simple integration.

SDKs and APIs

Sendium provides serveral SDKs to assist you in creating your apps and websites.

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