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Add 2-Factor to your own app using our 2FA-as-a-Service platform with easy to use APIs and tools.
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Our unique platform allows you to build 2-Factor services into nearly any application and work flow. Easy to use APIs and tools alloq quick integration.

White Label

Integrate 2-Factor services into your own applications and mobile app. No third party authenticator apps are required. Fully branded solutions.


TouchAuth is our new and quick method of verifying 2-Factor challenge requests. Simple swipe, click or touch to verfiy requests. It's that easy.

Push, email and SMS

Sendium's 2-Factor services, including TouchAuth, work over Push messaging, SMS and Email. Simply send 2-Factor challenges to nearly any device.

Why Use 2-Factor Authentication?

2-Factor Authentication helps prevent fraud and account takeovers by adding an extra layer of protection on top of a basic username and password.

Account takeovers and fraud are on the rise. In 2016 alone, 15.4 million Americans were affected by stolen account information, up 16% from the previous year according to recent studies.

Breaches occur more and more frequently causing consumers credentials to be leaked and posted onto the internet. This means another company’s data breach can lead to your user’s passwords leaking onto the internet. Hundreds of millions, if not billions, of user’s credentials now sit on the internet waiting to be abused. 55% of consumers use the same password on multiple websites and services, including yours.


TouchAuth is a new way to verify 2FA challenges.
Remove the requirement for a cumberson code and simply swipe, click or touch to verfiy.

Reduce Friction

Remove the requirement for cumberson 2FA codes. Make 2FA easy and fun to use

Swipe, Click or Touch

Make 2FA easy by simply allowing easy actions to verfiy 2FA challanges

Customized options

Customize your 2FA options, such as time-to-live and other settings

Increase adoption

TouchAuth makes 2FA quick and easy, leading to more adoption of 2FA protection.

Code fallback

Our 2FA solution will always provide a code for legacy and fallback options.

Custom Solutions

Big or small, we can help your business with custom solutions to fit your needs.

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Sendium offers a robust and customizable 2FA-as-a-Service platform that allows you to build branded 2FA solutions inside your own app.

Instead of requiring your users to use an un-branded third-party app, such as Google Authenticator or Duo, Sendium enables 2FA features and services into your existing apps, presenting your users a better overall branded experience, giving you more control.

Private Preview Beta

Perfection takes time


We are currently refining Sendium into the best 2FA Platform possible. We are inviting a select few to join the Sendium 2FA platform and start building amazing solutions.

SIf you are interested in joining the private preview, please email us at contact@sendium.io

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Standard REST based APIs ensure all platforms can quickly intergrate and develop amazing apps and websites.


Simple broadcast system allows you to send millions of messages at once to a select group of apps or users


All of Sendium's services and APIs are using OAUTH 2.0 for authorization allowing simple integration.


Sendium provides serveral SDKs to assist you in creating your apps and websites.